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Sunday, April 18, 2010

On Easter from 7 a.m. for Seven Hours

It is natural to find a little wonder in the time and place you don't expect to. It was on Easter of this year, I have passed almost the whole day in old memories of my life. With in seven Hours in the day I have passed through many places and come to remember many events that I have done in the past. The details are coming soon and It is full of Images as you would guess one picture is worth to thousand lines of text.
Your Imagination and Beyond
Right at 7 am Photos, that I have taken at the center of the city.I have not much things to remember form this photo. But the one above, I have come to remember almost all the life I have passed when I was in Seconday School. I spent four Year in that small mountain you see in the photo above.

Good day Mendefera, I started a 7 hours journey on foot an this following photo was the last photo that included Mendefera city.

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