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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Switching to Learning Mode

The law of life is the law of growth; all nature testifies to the operation of this law by silently, constantly expressing itself in the law of growth. Where there is growth and expression, there must be life; where there is life there must be harmony, and where there is harmony, there is perfect health. Health of the Mind.
This quote was adopted form Living the power of your subconscious mind definitely requires to pass through certain learning curve. However you have passed through a learning curve does not mean you are educated. There is always a need to Learn, Understand, implement and reflect. Learning and understanding can be taken in one category while implementation and reflection goes in another category. Therefore living the power requires us to switching between two modes. The Learning Mode and the Reflection Mode. If you feel you are short of knowledge or understanding of certain subject switch to learning mode. And if you feel you have good amount of concept or knowledge that is good enough to join the world go to Reflection Mode.

This post is all about switching to Learning mode so that you build up your knowledge, understanding and values...

Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year Bell

Happy New Year Message from: Education in the Cloud

It was just when the new year arrived 12:01 am, I heard a bell was ringing:
The New Year Bell: Dinn Din Dindin
Dinn Din dindinDinn Din dindin, Dinn Din dindin
I wanted very much to record the harmonious sound, but I had no way of recording the sound. Then I recorded it in my soul, deep inside me. I was better way of recording it. The bell ringing gave me a big message, a message of self realization. That is the power of our ability. And above all it was a message to go find the true purpose of Human being.
I Wish you all a Merry x-Mass and Happy New Year. May this be a Year of GROWTH, SUCCESS, ACHIEVEMENT with PEACE and JOY. ---Tekila

My New Year Resolution: 2012, a Year to Listen! I am Listening to:
  • My spirit, my soul, My Body
  • My Friends
  • My Family
  • My Colleages
  • My Environment and
  • The Nature 
Wish you again a Merry X-Mass and Happy New Year.