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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photo of the Day: Thoughts become things

Thoughts become things. We Appreciate your Support to CBE!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mai-Nefhi Secondary School:Inauguration of New Computer Laboratory for 21st century Education

Today was a special day for Mai-Nefhi Secondary School, a School located on Mai Nefhi, about 20 km south west of Asmara, near the Mai Nefhi dam. The school made an inauguration occasion to celebrate the efforts made to renew the computer laboratory so as to reflect the 21st century educational center.

CBE: Education in the Cloud

 During the celebration of the new computer lab, invited guests from the Ministry of Education, Eritrea Institute of Technology and parents has attended to see what has been done by the efforts done for the last 6 months of hard work by the integrated community of parents, the school and other organizations including the Ministry of Education.  Mr. Tesfalem Mesfn the school director in his speech said:
We have invited you today so that you see your efforts are put to ground to our best. As we have outlined in the outset, we have made computer rooms expansion, electrical system installation, installing school wide network and Implementing 21st century educational system solutions. ...
The deployment of the 21st century educational system was done using  Cloud Based Education (CBE), an Educational ICT infrastructure solution developed by hybridizing effective technology solutions that include cloud computing, green IT and open standard.  We have also gave the teachers of the school a seven days training on the deployed educational system solutions. During the occasion the trainee were awarded professional development certificate through the invited guests hand.

The lab opening celebration was a credible occasion for the CBE team, as it opens a new door in nationalizing the solution. Below are some photos from the occasion taken by Feven Tekle, a second year computer application student and one of the professional training attendants.

Invited Guests observing the students working with CBE
Dr. Ghebrebrhan VP of  EIT, awarding Certificate to Trainees in Mainefhi secondary School
CBE team, Students and Teachers after the Inauguration Ceremony


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cloud Based Education: Presentation by Teachers

Today we had a presentation program by teachers who have attended a workshop about Cloud Based Educational System in a Local School called "Mai-Nefhi Seconday School". The teachers had taken the course under the title 'Designing a 21st Century Classroom' using an advanced E-learning and collaboration system and other educational applications. An open Stage was given to attendants to present their capability on the usage of the new system. Mr. Franco a Mathematics Teacher who was the first presenter in today's Session was one of the teachers who have exploited the functionality of the technology brought to the new Computer laboratory of the School. In his presentation he has shown his well designed online course, which was enriched by visual images that demonstrate 3D graphs,complex Polynomial Function and assessment methods. In his words Mr. Franco:
E-learning system has several advantages. It is the combination of audio, visual education by which the senses gain more information than the traditional teaching method. generally the amount of information taken is higher if it is received simultaneously in two modalities that is vision and hearing rather than in single modality. It can facilitate perception of the most important features with in a short period of Time. which can not be easily explained by theory such us the three dimensional objects, translation of functions and polynomial graphs. It also develop the students interest in the learning process. furthermore learning is enhanced when material is organized.
 The Next Presenter was Mr. Hagos, Physics Teacher in the school presented his online course to the audience. In his presentation, we were able to see and integrated lesson with text, Images and small video clip about Refraction of Light. In his understanding about the new system of teaching using the Cloud Based Education, he mentioned that such system will help the teacher to reflect his lessons to the students with equal opportunity and with less effort.

The presentation was impressive. Yet there will be another eight presentation sessions. This is a big transition to see teacher move from the traditional way of teaching to the modern 21st century model of education in short period of time.
EriCloud Educational will prepare a case study in such migration soon.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Taking a Positive Action

By Following nicely outlined principles of success, anybody could lead an interesting life. Whether once goal is to achieve small things or universal wonder, there is a general truth that we need to have definite outcome at the end of our effort. We need to be sure that we clearly know where we are heading. Having a clear vision of our destination, we might feel fully satisfied. However, there is another very important point that we have to consider, that is taking a positive action that leads us to the desired outcome.

Before five months you might have planed to complete that nice Inspiring Book and release it in four months to the community as a big gift to really change lives of a number of people. Probably you might have clearly specified the day of the release of the book will be in September 17 2011. As the day approaches sure enough there is a bad feeling in you, which sounds like "You Didn't do that!" where is that book? and so on. And right in this day I would have seen your mouth zipped, your head down and your whole body tight all because you were not successful. What do you think the problem is?

I would like to mention too, that you have measured your outcome in terms of time, energy, and related resources in case your answer to the above question is one of these resources. Taking a positive action in the right time is a key to most of the hindrance you might get in the way to your clearly outlined outcome.

In this context I am assuming that your intended outcome is save to you, to others and to the universe in general. If so taking the right action is always the right way to your goal. This is because always our outcomes at the end of the day are the commutative sum of the successive actions we take in the course of the process to the the desired result.

Whether it is in education, relation, career, recognition or whatever there are five principle of success you would apply. but the second one outweigh the others in being the critical and the most important bridge to success (Take a Positive action). The five principles are:
1. Know your Outcomes
2. Take Positive Action
3. Have Enough sensory awareness to know if you are being effective (that is if the series of actions are right)
4. Have behavioral flexibility
5. Operate from a physiology and a psychology of excellence

With these principles you can reach to your success, remember and focus on No. 2.
+Action, +Action ... Success!

September 17 For me and for life!

Friday, September 9, 2011

pdftotext: Linux / UNIX Convert a PDF File To Text Format

While developing EriCloud Educational, particularly the E-Learning system I found out the system requires PDF files to be converted to text. I was not able to get a suitable package to do it.
It was just before I was to quite it that I have found this.

Pdftotext is installed part of a package or utility called as poppler-utils. so to install pdftotext in a linux system in my case ubuntu just run this command and you are done.

$Sudo apt-get install poppler-utils.

To use the utility:
$sudo pdftotext {PDF-file} {text-file}

that is it

Thursday, September 1, 2011

EriCloud Educational

This is the Logo of EriCloud Educational.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Power of Waiting

Today I have intentionally visited my blog just to publish this post 'The Power of Waiting'. Although the core reason that made me eager to post this was a personal case, finally I decided to make it a global one. Have you ever waited for something to happen or someone to come for a long long time? Have you ever felt a special feeling in such occasions where your expectations grow from time to time. Have you ever waited in Green Lovely Garden for someone to come and looked here and there in all direction only to find out it was a killer expectation? Was there any time you expected more than anything that there to come a reply message right in your e-mail in-box or new instant messages. Have you ever waited for a public transport until you feel something deep inside your heart? Waiting, waiting ....or great expectation ...? How is the power of waiting? Expectation? in your own feeling.

Consider the farmer who has just ploughed his land and put his seeds in the ground. Now he is waiting for the rain to come, looking to the sky with great eager. It has been three days since the seed was buried and there was no sign of rain at all. And Imagine the farmer is just waiting.

Think of the Mom who has written a long lovely letter to her son, who is very very far away from her site and now she is waiting and waiting until the time she didn't know. Replies and a bit communication is a big relief, but who do that?

Imagine an obedient and trusted girl that has been in love with that awesome boy for about three years and now they are apart for some reason for about five years. If you can imagine the power of waiting, she is still waiting with an absolute trust and honesty. In the contrary we are not sure whether the other side is trapped with the power of waiting or is relieved.

The power of waiting with patience has been a long term irresistible solution of many uncountable challenges through out the world. waiting for peace, justice, love, relief, life, unity, integrity, security. waiting for communication, association, and organization. Waiting for the unknown, property, humanity and prosperity. The list is infinite, but there is one thing in common for all sort of waiting. That is EXPECTATION. Everybody drafts his/her own prose of expectation, draws maps of great expectation on how that a big waiting would happen.

The life of waiting is full of imagination. Activities like outlining, drafting, stroking, drawing, erasing, redrawing, mapping, matching, selecting, dropping, adding all sort of things, ideas, comments, random questions and more. That is the perfect waiting, where outcomes are outlined in advance. But what if you are waiting for the unknown, waiting for the unfair, unbelievable with your hands crossed. That is the damn cheap, the killer in life. Keeping your hands in your pocket, waiting for dreams to come true or expecting the tangled to be solved. This is all killing the perfect life while defining the perfect waiting.

The power of waiting is strong enough to dead-end your life. Hey, stop waiting, input your power of identity to revile a wider world just from the inside of YOU. The Power of Waiting is External and unmanageable, but The Power of identity is internal and it is all about YOU.

Stop waiting and dig in you, drawing the map of expectations and analyzing them with a series of effective strategies.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cultural Gathering a Life Long Lesson

In Eritrea we have a very attractive monasteries. Some of which have great historical and cultural peculiarity. one of such wondrous places in Eritrea is The Monastery of Sina (Known as Debre Sina) or St. Marry of Debre Sina. During the yearly cultural gathering at the monastery thousands people come from every corner of the nation. They celebrate spiritual and cultural get together.

Last year I visited to the Monastery and I saw every activity is quite impressive and attractive. Especially the love, the respect, the motivation and the desire of every visitor more than anything unique.

The Church of St. Marry is located at a very high rocky mountain, where a number of miraculous things reside. when you see the myriad people right from the mountain all over the rest of the land and in the mountain, you come to think that every Eritrean could be there.

Many personal things happened last year. I remember I dragged myself into a long lasting love, a love of a life. That love is in my heart. Oh! it is hard to say it here , but I have you some wonderful photos.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Last of May

If life was what we count in days, we would say everybody is living. But the true purpose of a meaning full life is when you a difference everyday. If yesterday was elapsed without your Concern, why can't we say it was a waste.
However, if you have done a bit today and at least a small go from what it was yesterday, we can say you are with those living the life of this day. If possible it a very meaningful to make a difference every second, every minute and every hour which make the day. By this way you come up to the last of a month in this occasion it is the last of May which flips away a month from your life.

Did you make a difference? Was this month a continuation of the previous one or it is Just a GO. Pause, and think before you sleep and rewind the activities you have being doing though out the month, tell to your self whether it was a collection of GOs or a Record of consecutive great deeds.

I have never wished to see a month passed without a point for its remembrance. It there should be a talk, a walk , a communication, a relation or there should be a construction of a bridge for the next day that begins the next month.

Oh! Great here comes a call which bridges this month to the next one in this day. It is a cloud call, a call to widen and boost the cloud and its result. I will be back with updates from the cloud.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Dream To Reality (from a letter to face-to-face)

It was last year in June, I dare to dream for the impossible to be possible. I wanted to transform an instant sight to lasting memory. I saw a face not a heart in a body. That body looked fine for my eyes ant there was no question of keeping this look and feel in the deep part of my memories. My heart always ponders for this. It was a push to a new world,a world very common but new for me. I was a child in that event in which my heart was not dare enough to start the fight.
But any way I fought and if I am not mistaken I was beaten in the battle. However the good news is that I come out experienced from the struggle, a struggle to see daydreams realized.

Simply I saw a saw seated beside me. It was a new face, attractive and inviting. There I created a short conversation and was able to learn the First Name of that new face. Alas, there was no time, opportunity and condition to continue the killer conversation. Just the first name in my heart, I was separated leaving my heart behind. The next day after a long suffering of the unknown feeling I decided to script a letter addressed to First Name, in a place I guess it could be an address. I wrote every piece the heart was feeling as much as I can do and mailed it enclosed in an envelop addressed prospective address and First Name of that face.

After a time that seemed longer that my age, there was a reply from First name followed by Second name through an instant messenger that triggered my heart to its earliest feelings.

Well, here came a reply which means there is a probability of looking that very face again. I started to send a series of Long Letters (not e-mail as there was no tech to support it) and waited for one day to see that face again. Again came phone calls and sweet voices pronouncing that full name from a location where its body resides.

Waiting for new days to come with new events, I prayed to God things to come true. If it is not again a dream, there came a call today and the sound seems familiar, and there came the Identity
" I am FirstName SecondName Form Address"
"Where are you?" I dropped a Question.
"I am here around there"
"really I am also there." I replied and continued "shall we meet today?" with eager.
Reasons started to flow, this that and this ...
I did not have the patience to wait any more and to see that face again I would not hesitate.
"Hi, we are almost together, I am coming in a minute just wait me there. Today must be the last day I wait."
"Ok that is fine"

Another call "I am already there. Are you coming?"
"Yes, I am coming," I replied and waked forward.

It is almost one year, precisely 11 months. I did not miss that face's look and feel. But now it was slimmer.Is this who have that name?
Yes, Dreams realized and a letter was transformed to face-to-face just today May 24, 2011.

Before I was sure that dream was realized, there came another separation. Time, situation, condition were the criterion.

Waiting for the next day...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Experiencing the 21st Century Model of Education

With the dramatically increasing Technology offerings it natural to see a digital divide among the societies using the Technology Tools. Many schools are in the dreams of using the latest Tech offerings.
With my internal desire to see many schools using the 21st century model of Educational system, I am doing my best to distribute a Cloud Based Educational ICT infrastructure to rural schools. To minimize the digital divide among schools this has lead me to follow a this strategy as soon as possible. What you see below are some pictures I have taken during Cloud based Education training in Ahwat Capuchini Secondary school, one of the first schools to deploy the new Solution.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hopeful and Fruitful February

This month was first a hopeful and then fruitful month in the my Cloud Based Education Project and in addition to that it Ended up in the oneness of my family. We are again one and United.

Regarding the Cloud Based Educational Project, I am glad that it is gaining more improvement and integrity that I am sure it will be one of the 21st century educational tools.

Regarding our home, yes we are one again and it is the will of God for my Dreams to come to Reality. If you wonder what my dreams are, it full of love and Spirit intelligence and wisdom, wisdom that change our life from nowhere to the path of God.

Thursday, January 27, 2011