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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Last of May

If life was what we count in days, we would say everybody is living. But the true purpose of a meaning full life is when you a difference everyday. If yesterday was elapsed without your Concern, why can't we say it was a waste.
However, if you have done a bit today and at least a small go from what it was yesterday, we can say you are with those living the life of this day. If possible it a very meaningful to make a difference every second, every minute and every hour which make the day. By this way you come up to the last of a month in this occasion it is the last of May which flips away a month from your life.

Did you make a difference? Was this month a continuation of the previous one or it is Just a GO. Pause, and think before you sleep and rewind the activities you have being doing though out the month, tell to your self whether it was a collection of GOs or a Record of consecutive great deeds.

I have never wished to see a month passed without a point for its remembrance. It there should be a talk, a walk , a communication, a relation or there should be a construction of a bridge for the next day that begins the next month.

Oh! Great here comes a call which bridges this month to the next one in this day. It is a cloud call, a call to widen and boost the cloud and its result. I will be back with updates from the cloud.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Dream To Reality (from a letter to face-to-face)

It was last year in June, I dare to dream for the impossible to be possible. I wanted to transform an instant sight to lasting memory. I saw a face not a heart in a body. That body looked fine for my eyes ant there was no question of keeping this look and feel in the deep part of my memories. My heart always ponders for this. It was a push to a new world,a world very common but new for me. I was a child in that event in which my heart was not dare enough to start the fight.
But any way I fought and if I am not mistaken I was beaten in the battle. However the good news is that I come out experienced from the struggle, a struggle to see daydreams realized.

Simply I saw a saw seated beside me. It was a new face, attractive and inviting. There I created a short conversation and was able to learn the First Name of that new face. Alas, there was no time, opportunity and condition to continue the killer conversation. Just the first name in my heart, I was separated leaving my heart behind. The next day after a long suffering of the unknown feeling I decided to script a letter addressed to First Name, in a place I guess it could be an address. I wrote every piece the heart was feeling as much as I can do and mailed it enclosed in an envelop addressed prospective address and First Name of that face.

After a time that seemed longer that my age, there was a reply from First name followed by Second name through an instant messenger that triggered my heart to its earliest feelings.

Well, here came a reply which means there is a probability of looking that very face again. I started to send a series of Long Letters (not e-mail as there was no tech to support it) and waited for one day to see that face again. Again came phone calls and sweet voices pronouncing that full name from a location where its body resides.

Waiting for new days to come with new events, I prayed to God things to come true. If it is not again a dream, there came a call today and the sound seems familiar, and there came the Identity
" I am FirstName SecondName Form Address"
"Where are you?" I dropped a Question.
"I am here around there"
"really I am also there." I replied and continued "shall we meet today?" with eager.
Reasons started to flow, this that and this ...
I did not have the patience to wait any more and to see that face again I would not hesitate.
"Hi, we are almost together, I am coming in a minute just wait me there. Today must be the last day I wait."
"Ok that is fine"

Another call "I am already there. Are you coming?"
"Yes, I am coming," I replied and waked forward.

It is almost one year, precisely 11 months. I did not miss that face's look and feel. But now it was slimmer.Is this who have that name?
Yes, Dreams realized and a letter was transformed to face-to-face just today May 24, 2011.

Before I was sure that dream was realized, there came another separation. Time, situation, condition were the criterion.

Waiting for the next day...