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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Last of May

If life was what we count in days, we would say everybody is living. But the true purpose of a meaning full life is when you a difference everyday. If yesterday was elapsed without your Concern, why can't we say it was a waste.
However, if you have done a bit today and at least a small go from what it was yesterday, we can say you are with those living the life of this day. If possible it a very meaningful to make a difference every second, every minute and every hour which make the day. By this way you come up to the last of a month in this occasion it is the last of May which flips away a month from your life.

Did you make a difference? Was this month a continuation of the previous one or it is Just a GO. Pause, and think before you sleep and rewind the activities you have being doing though out the month, tell to your self whether it was a collection of GOs or a Record of consecutive great deeds.

I have never wished to see a month passed without a point for its remembrance. It there should be a talk, a walk , a communication, a relation or there should be a construction of a bridge for the next day that begins the next month.

Oh! Great here comes a call which bridges this month to the next one in this day. It is a cloud call, a call to widen and boost the cloud and its result. I will be back with updates from the cloud.

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