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Thursday, December 30, 2010

From The Jail of Love to its Freedom

Education has a lot more things to teach us beyond academics. As a matter of fact most educational centers do not give us the extra lessons that are expected to change the way we live, instead only the arithmetic and theories are delivered. However the social life in education is a rich source of resource to teach us with our notice. A teacher would dictate us a love story, but it is not common for a teacher to give a great lecture on the concepts of love and its behavior. On the other hand social life and the love interaction in the schools teach us a deal of love in reality. ...

Monday, December 27, 2010

A School for Love

Is Love something that we can learn? Or is it what we get from our ancestors? And what is the exact definition or meaning of Love?

These and related questions are always the questions that I would like to see being answered in my life. Where is the school for love? Is it in our heart. I would say the school of love is in our home. Coming soon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Midnight Post, A Dream for Better Education

It is now right @ 11:57pm EAT(East African Time), by midnight I hope I will post this little script about a Dream for better Education.

It has being in my mind for almost two years regarding on how to enhance education in Africa and particularly in my country through the use of Modern ICT infrastructure. And as a result of my research including my senior project for my Graduation that is already passed on 5th of August, I have come to a better solution on how to leverage the way education is delivered in educational centers from kindergarten to Higher Educational Institutions. The big Question is now how to make it clear for the leading Educational Administrative personnels seated on the determining chairs.

There can be big Dreams, yet realizing the dreams is the greater thing in life. So My intentions is on how to realize these dreams. My dream is Better education, and better education is achieved by better communication, information flow, interaction and above all collaboration. The requirement for better Interaction and collaboration right @ this time is obviously better ICT infrastructure in all educational centers and making farther research on the topic which can be done in HEIs. So my dreams are far more that infrastructure. For this to come to reality, Today it is already after midnight(12:17am) I will be fighting for the deployment of better ICT infrastructure for better Education. "Education in the Cloud" will come soon with what has being done in the cloud regarding Education in Eritrea and the rest of Africa and then the World.I have being waiting for November 17, 2010 and hope it will be a great day of for innovation and better relationship. Oh! Let's wait for the Morning Sun and that always appears with a great smile and Love to the world. I got to come back later, now I have to compose mail/letter to my Lul it is already Nov 17.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cloud computing Made Easy With Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

Sunday, October 10th, the perfect 10 (10/10/10) at exactly 10:10 AM, marked the official release of Ubuntu Server 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat." It is nice to hear that Meerkat's onboard Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) includes the latest updated version of Eucalyptus 2.0! This UEC boasts an easier installation process—you can even boot from a USB stick—along with the many new features and improvements that are now part of Eucalyptus 2.0. With Meerkat, Ubuntu has once again shown their commitment to the cloud and to hybrid cloud technology by offering freely available pre-approved UEC images for both private and public cloud environments.

By the perfect 10 special occasion, I posted a blog that tells more about values with few words that were summarized from a book by Adam khoo, NLP practitioner and trainer. It is a valuable content. And I am glad to hear and see UEC 10.10 was realized at this same occasion 10/10/10 10:10 with post of my blog.

Today I would like to share with you my experience that I made with the UCE hosted in the amazon EC2 cloud Infrastructure. After reading about the realize of UEC, I found a link that invites to test the system at amazon EC2. I was very much eager and happy to see the system running in minutes. With my great interest in the field I found my favorite CMS(Content management System) Drupal and tested it in the cloud with testing limit of about one hour (55 minutes). It took me 3 minutes to get the system up and running with everything pre configured.

The very smart thing about the experience is that the system have a rich Management tool to add a server instance very easily that is Eucalyptus 2.0 . Moreover you can get up and running a Private cloud Instance in your organization with having Ubuntu Cloud Server get downloaded and using some open management tools like Eucalyptus. Currently I am planning on how to introduce a cloud based educational system with regard to Ubuntu server. I have downloading the server and will share my experience in the future. Grap this link and get expericenced with Ubuntu in the Cloud.
" Ubuntu simplifies the complexities of cloud computing. Build within Amazon EC2 or create a private cloud on your own hardware. Ubuntu Server Edition helps you create and control both."

Take care! I would like to see your comments below.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Have you ever wondered what really drives you in your life?Why do you do what you do? What drives your decisions and the choices you make constantly?

1. Our decisions and actions are driven by us
moving towards positive emotions and,
simultaneously, moving away from negative

2. The positive emotions that we move towards are
called our Towards values. The negative emotions
we move away from are called Away-from values.

3. All of us rank our values differently and hence,
we make very different decisions and take
different actions.

4. While goals give us a direction to move towards,
values are like the emotional fuel that propel us

5. When we discover a person’s towards and
away-from values, we can predict how this person
will make decisions.

6. If we were to shift the way a person ranks his
values and/or the way he defines it, we will
dramatically change the way he behaves and
the results he produces.

7. Once we consciously change our values, we
can lock them in by:

Committing to these new values
Being in constant touch with them
Emotionally charging them by visualization
Living by these new values

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being a Graduate I'm Feeling Lucky

Right after a month I will be graduating in Computer engineering from Eritrea Institute of Technology. For the Remembrance of this special occasion I assembled this poem.

Now you are already a Graduate!
That you have reached your Future gate
And being a graduate is your passport.

It took a lot of work, time and persistence
To achieve the important goal, that you set out before years.
Your endeavor, your patience now pays off
And the world of Education now offers more
Through your Graduation, it opens your special door.

It seems yesterday you were a Kid
Watching everything your elders did
Singing like
“I won’t say write 'THIS' for me,
I won’t say Read 'THAT' for me
I will be an Educated person
And do it all by me.”
Now you are Graduating
On wings of Knowledge you will fly;
Following your vision and rising high.

Writing and Reading were your primary steps
As an Engineer, Scientist or whoever you
You have much more to do in the life ahead of you.

Being equipped with the knowledge and skill, in education
It is your time to use your talent and ambition
You know your role and have set out your Goals
It is the right time to pursue them and realize your big Dreams.

If you believe
Your Graduation means a future without barrier
So as you reach for all life has to offer,
Remember that you are a special of your kind and
For your Parents and the society you are a valuable pride.

Take care
As a beginner in life, As you pursue your dreams,
Remember to take time to help and serve others
Being a good service provider, will help you to be a good leader.

As you explore and develop your unique talents,
remain humble
As life hands you challenges, welcome them
as ways to become smarter, stronger and stable.

As you acquire more Knowledge and material things,
Make sure your most important possessions
are honesty, integrity,
and the desire to make a difference.
Congratulations, graduate while you are @ your special door!
Oh, wait! Always be a Student
Though you are now already Graduated;
Your whole life's an education
That has only just started.
If you'll always be a student, and take lessons
You’ll find the secrets to your desired success
And you will always live in Peace and Happiness.
Being a graduate is really a luck
In which all the doors of success you unlock.
So if you are like me stepping across the Gate
Being a Graduate I'm feeling Lucky! Do you?
Congratulations again!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cloud Based ICT Infrastructure Solution

With Server Visualization and Web portal to access all the services deployed on such servers we can have a really fascinating cloud based ICT infrastructure solution.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

On Easter from 7 a.m. for Seven Hours

It is natural to find a little wonder in the time and place you don't expect to. It was on Easter of this year, I have passed almost the whole day in old memories of my life. With in seven Hours in the day I have passed through many places and come to remember many events that I have done in the past. The details are coming soon and It is full of Images as you would guess one picture is worth to thousand lines of text.
Your Imagination and Beyond
Right at 7 am Photos, that I have taken at the center of the city.I have not much things to remember form this photo. But the one above, I have come to remember almost all the life I have passed when I was in Seconday School. I spent four Year in that small mountain you see in the photo above.

Good day Mendefera, I started a 7 hours journey on foot an this following photo was the last photo that included Mendefera city.