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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Midnight Post, A Dream for Better Education

It is now right @ 11:57pm EAT(East African Time), by midnight I hope I will post this little script about a Dream for better Education.

It has being in my mind for almost two years regarding on how to enhance education in Africa and particularly in my country through the use of Modern ICT infrastructure. And as a result of my research including my senior project for my Graduation that is already passed on 5th of August, I have come to a better solution on how to leverage the way education is delivered in educational centers from kindergarten to Higher Educational Institutions. The big Question is now how to make it clear for the leading Educational Administrative personnels seated on the determining chairs.

There can be big Dreams, yet realizing the dreams is the greater thing in life. So My intentions is on how to realize these dreams. My dream is Better education, and better education is achieved by better communication, information flow, interaction and above all collaboration. The requirement for better Interaction and collaboration right @ this time is obviously better ICT infrastructure in all educational centers and making farther research on the topic which can be done in HEIs. So my dreams are far more that infrastructure. For this to come to reality, Today it is already after midnight(12:17am) I will be fighting for the deployment of better ICT infrastructure for better Education. "Education in the Cloud" will come soon with what has being done in the cloud regarding Education in Eritrea and the rest of Africa and then the World.I have being waiting for November 17, 2010 and hope it will be a great day of for innovation and better relationship. Oh! Let's wait for the Morning Sun and that always appears with a great smile and Love to the world. I got to come back later, now I have to compose mail/letter to my Lul it is already Nov 17.

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