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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being a Graduate I'm Feeling Lucky

Right after a month I will be graduating in Computer engineering from Eritrea Institute of Technology. For the Remembrance of this special occasion I assembled this poem.

Now you are already a Graduate!
That you have reached your Future gate
And being a graduate is your passport.

It took a lot of work, time and persistence
To achieve the important goal, that you set out before years.
Your endeavor, your patience now pays off
And the world of Education now offers more
Through your Graduation, it opens your special door.

It seems yesterday you were a Kid
Watching everything your elders did
Singing like
“I won’t say write 'THIS' for me,
I won’t say Read 'THAT' for me
I will be an Educated person
And do it all by me.”
Now you are Graduating
On wings of Knowledge you will fly;
Following your vision and rising high.

Writing and Reading were your primary steps
As an Engineer, Scientist or whoever you
You have much more to do in the life ahead of you.

Being equipped with the knowledge and skill, in education
It is your time to use your talent and ambition
You know your role and have set out your Goals
It is the right time to pursue them and realize your big Dreams.

If you believe
Your Graduation means a future without barrier
So as you reach for all life has to offer,
Remember that you are a special of your kind and
For your Parents and the society you are a valuable pride.

Take care
As a beginner in life, As you pursue your dreams,
Remember to take time to help and serve others
Being a good service provider, will help you to be a good leader.

As you explore and develop your unique talents,
remain humble
As life hands you challenges, welcome them
as ways to become smarter, stronger and stable.

As you acquire more Knowledge and material things,
Make sure your most important possessions
are honesty, integrity,
and the desire to make a difference.
Congratulations, graduate while you are @ your special door!
Oh, wait! Always be a Student
Though you are now already Graduated;
Your whole life's an education
That has only just started.
If you'll always be a student, and take lessons
You’ll find the secrets to your desired success
And you will always live in Peace and Happiness.
Being a graduate is really a luck
In which all the doors of success you unlock.
So if you are like me stepping across the Gate
Being a Graduate I'm feeling Lucky! Do you?
Congratulations again!

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