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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cultural Gathering a Life Long Lesson

In Eritrea we have a very attractive monasteries. Some of which have great historical and cultural peculiarity. one of such wondrous places in Eritrea is The Monastery of Sina (Known as Debre Sina) or St. Marry of Debre Sina. During the yearly cultural gathering at the monastery thousands people come from every corner of the nation. They celebrate spiritual and cultural get together.

Last year I visited to the Monastery and I saw every activity is quite impressive and attractive. Especially the love, the respect, the motivation and the desire of every visitor more than anything unique.

The Church of St. Marry is located at a very high rocky mountain, where a number of miraculous things reside. when you see the myriad people right from the mountain all over the rest of the land and in the mountain, you come to think that every Eritrean could be there.

Many personal things happened last year. I remember I dragged myself into a long lasting love, a love of a life. That love is in my heart. Oh! it is hard to say it here , but I have you some wonderful photos.

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