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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Power of Waiting

Today I have intentionally visited my blog just to publish this post 'The Power of Waiting'. Although the core reason that made me eager to post this was a personal case, finally I decided to make it a global one. Have you ever waited for something to happen or someone to come for a long long time? Have you ever felt a special feeling in such occasions where your expectations grow from time to time. Have you ever waited in Green Lovely Garden for someone to come and looked here and there in all direction only to find out it was a killer expectation? Was there any time you expected more than anything that there to come a reply message right in your e-mail in-box or new instant messages. Have you ever waited for a public transport until you feel something deep inside your heart? Waiting, waiting ....or great expectation ...? How is the power of waiting? Expectation? in your own feeling.

Consider the farmer who has just ploughed his land and put his seeds in the ground. Now he is waiting for the rain to come, looking to the sky with great eager. It has been three days since the seed was buried and there was no sign of rain at all. And Imagine the farmer is just waiting.

Think of the Mom who has written a long lovely letter to her son, who is very very far away from her site and now she is waiting and waiting until the time she didn't know. Replies and a bit communication is a big relief, but who do that?

Imagine an obedient and trusted girl that has been in love with that awesome boy for about three years and now they are apart for some reason for about five years. If you can imagine the power of waiting, she is still waiting with an absolute trust and honesty. In the contrary we are not sure whether the other side is trapped with the power of waiting or is relieved.

The power of waiting with patience has been a long term irresistible solution of many uncountable challenges through out the world. waiting for peace, justice, love, relief, life, unity, integrity, security. waiting for communication, association, and organization. Waiting for the unknown, property, humanity and prosperity. The list is infinite, but there is one thing in common for all sort of waiting. That is EXPECTATION. Everybody drafts his/her own prose of expectation, draws maps of great expectation on how that a big waiting would happen.

The life of waiting is full of imagination. Activities like outlining, drafting, stroking, drawing, erasing, redrawing, mapping, matching, selecting, dropping, adding all sort of things, ideas, comments, random questions and more. That is the perfect waiting, where outcomes are outlined in advance. But what if you are waiting for the unknown, waiting for the unfair, unbelievable with your hands crossed. That is the damn cheap, the killer in life. Keeping your hands in your pocket, waiting for dreams to come true or expecting the tangled to be solved. This is all killing the perfect life while defining the perfect waiting.

The power of waiting is strong enough to dead-end your life. Hey, stop waiting, input your power of identity to revile a wider world just from the inside of YOU. The Power of Waiting is External and unmanageable, but The Power of identity is internal and it is all about YOU.

Stop waiting and dig in you, drawing the map of expectations and analyzing them with a series of effective strategies.

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