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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mai-Nefhi Secondary School:Inauguration of New Computer Laboratory for 21st century Education

Today was a special day for Mai-Nefhi Secondary School, a School located on Mai Nefhi, about 20 km south west of Asmara, near the Mai Nefhi dam. The school made an inauguration occasion to celebrate the efforts made to renew the computer laboratory so as to reflect the 21st century educational center.

CBE: Education in the Cloud

 During the celebration of the new computer lab, invited guests from the Ministry of Education, Eritrea Institute of Technology and parents has attended to see what has been done by the efforts done for the last 6 months of hard work by the integrated community of parents, the school and other organizations including the Ministry of Education.  Mr. Tesfalem Mesfn the school director in his speech said:
We have invited you today so that you see your efforts are put to ground to our best. As we have outlined in the outset, we have made computer rooms expansion, electrical system installation, installing school wide network and Implementing 21st century educational system solutions. ...
The deployment of the 21st century educational system was done using  Cloud Based Education (CBE), an Educational ICT infrastructure solution developed by hybridizing effective technology solutions that include cloud computing, green IT and open standard.  We have also gave the teachers of the school a seven days training on the deployed educational system solutions. During the occasion the trainee were awarded professional development certificate through the invited guests hand.

The lab opening celebration was a credible occasion for the CBE team, as it opens a new door in nationalizing the solution. Below are some photos from the occasion taken by Feven Tekle, a second year computer application student and one of the professional training attendants.

Invited Guests observing the students working with CBE
Dr. Ghebrebrhan VP of  EIT, awarding Certificate to Trainees in Mainefhi secondary School
CBE team, Students and Teachers after the Inauguration Ceremony


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