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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Taking a Positive Action

By Following nicely outlined principles of success, anybody could lead an interesting life. Whether once goal is to achieve small things or universal wonder, there is a general truth that we need to have definite outcome at the end of our effort. We need to be sure that we clearly know where we are heading. Having a clear vision of our destination, we might feel fully satisfied. However, there is another very important point that we have to consider, that is taking a positive action that leads us to the desired outcome.

Before five months you might have planed to complete that nice Inspiring Book and release it in four months to the community as a big gift to really change lives of a number of people. Probably you might have clearly specified the day of the release of the book will be in September 17 2011. As the day approaches sure enough there is a bad feeling in you, which sounds like "You Didn't do that!" where is that book? and so on. And right in this day I would have seen your mouth zipped, your head down and your whole body tight all because you were not successful. What do you think the problem is?

I would like to mention too, that you have measured your outcome in terms of time, energy, and related resources in case your answer to the above question is one of these resources. Taking a positive action in the right time is a key to most of the hindrance you might get in the way to your clearly outlined outcome.

In this context I am assuming that your intended outcome is save to you, to others and to the universe in general. If so taking the right action is always the right way to your goal. This is because always our outcomes at the end of the day are the commutative sum of the successive actions we take in the course of the process to the the desired result.

Whether it is in education, relation, career, recognition or whatever there are five principle of success you would apply. but the second one outweigh the others in being the critical and the most important bridge to success (Take a Positive action). The five principles are:
1. Know your Outcomes
2. Take Positive Action
3. Have Enough sensory awareness to know if you are being effective (that is if the series of actions are right)
4. Have behavioral flexibility
5. Operate from a physiology and a psychology of excellence

With these principles you can reach to your success, remember and focus on No. 2.
+Action, +Action ... Success!

September 17 For me and for life!

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