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Friday, February 10, 2012

21st Century Educational System for Secondary Schools

Today More than 21 directors of secondary schools from the Central Region attended a Cloud Based Education (CBE) orientation in Mai-nefhi  Secondary School (MSS). CBE is a 21st century educational system that brings authentic learning environment to school center in addition to being economic  and environmentally safe. Believing that CBE is the best solution for Secondary and Middle Schools the ICT Unit of Central Region (Zoba Maekel) in collaboration with Ministry of Education of Zoba Maekel made an arrangement for a site visit to the Exemplary School (MSS).

Directors from more than 21 Secondary schools of Zoba Maekel attending CBE Orientation at Mai-Nefhi Secondary School.

About Cloud Based Education
Cloud Based Education is an Education enhancement ICT project initiated by to Computer Engineering Graduates that best meets the needs of educational centers from Middle School to Higher Educational Institutions. Currently the Project is focusing in Secondary schools and Higher educations.
What is behind the name "Cloud Based Education"
There are two meanings behind the name cloud based education:

  1. Construction of Cloud in the Natural cycle. Every one of us knows about the way cloud is constructed. Almost everything from the earth contributes vapor for the construction of the cloud. When the cloud  gets heavier it comes back as a rain for the benefit of Every contributor. What would you say about CLOUD Based Education?
  2. Cloud Computing the Technology of Today and Tomorrow: At CBE we integrate Cloud Computing, Green IT and Open Standard Technologies to come up with the best and latest technological solutions for educational centers.
CBE Advantages

*Efficient Initial ideal investment (Economically and Environmentally)

*Motivates teachers to be Technologically, Pedagogically and Content Competent Educators

*Motivates and enhances the Student Centered learning

*Encourage and Increase the Involvement  of the wider community in education

*Prepares everyone for the future
CBE and ICT Efficiency Model 
CBE measures ICT efficiency as the ratio of ICT impact to Initial Ideal Investment as indicated in the following Picture.
ICT efficiency Model

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